Friday, 25 March 2011

Drawing and testing the screen size

Below is one of the first hand drawn pictures of my screen. Initially I intended the screen to be made of dark wood but from cost it may end up being made from lighter wood that is then stained or even MDF disguised as mahogany. The carvings and mouldings would be easily constructed from car body filler and applied to the wood, then painted to merge in. The two small screens have a rich slightly gothic inlay of red/crimson velvet or satin. This could possibly be pleated depending on time. The mirrors lay over this but if real mirrors turn out to be too costly then it may be sensible to look into rflective surfaces like mirrored plastics.

Even though I had scaled out the heights and widths of the screen onto my garage door it still wasn't entirly clear so using large sheets of white cardboard I recreated the dimensions of the screen onto the card to see for sure if these measurements were appropriate.

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