Sunday, 20 March 2011

Next Group Meeting and Allocated Groups

After our next group meeting we all agreed to the following...

.we are designing both the drawing room and the bedroom/study that join together via a door.
. The bedroom is going to include the distorted elements of Ivan's psychological battle with his mortality.
.There will be the presence of death in the room and "it" that is the source of his fear. This "it" is located behind a three paneled dressing screen in the corner of the room.

To develop our room plan ideas we split up into seperate groups of two and chose a section of the rooms to research and sketch.

The various groups :

Medical Equipment: Daniel and Callum
Death: Sarah and Rob
Furniture: Nicki and Kirby
Walls: Lauren and Nichola
Drapery: Fiona and Stephanie
NickNacks and Lighting: Rhyan and Jenny
Architecture: Nuria and Vicky

So my next job is to research into the history of death personifications and symbols, folk law also linked to Russia and the 19th century culture.

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