Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Constructing the Flats

On Tuesday we were tutored by Henry on how to construct a basic 8x4 flat. The lengths of wood were pre cut needing two 8ft pieces and then 5 4ft (minus the widthx2) to brace between them. It was important to marl one end of the two lengths with a scribble to ensure you always consistantly drill from the same end down. Then on the two 8ft lengths marks were made every 2ft point we had a large engineers set square to hand so could mark many at one time. There were two holes drilled at each end of the wood to ensure the wood would not split when the screws were driven in. Starting at one corner the middle braces were individually drilled in place with two large screws. When screwing with the drill it was important to keep the drill level and straight to the screw so it didnt notch. Pressure was also need to drive the screw in or it would not break the surface of the wood. Some areas were particularly tricky especially where we hit a knot in the wood where it is much denser and considerably harder to push the screw in. When applying the second 8ft length the wood would bow at some points so with weight applied by another team member it was easier to make the pieces of wood sit flush together. When adding the plywod skin PVA covered the surface of the brace frame. Then using an electric or air pressure nail gun the skin was lined up and punched in place aroud the edge working from one length to another. All bows in the wood were punched down. It was important to wear appropriate PPE at all times. goggles, tied back hair and steel toe caps. by using another small brace of wood to mark where the under braces go across we were able to punch nails across the flat holding it firmly to the under frame.

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