Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Distribution of Construction

Sceen - Sarah/Rob Small Table - Heather/Lauren Chaise Longue - Nichole/Sarah Desk - Nuria/Chloe Desk Chair - Nicola/Kirby Bookshelf - Chloe/Dan Both Rooms Lighting - Rob/Kirby Curtains - Lauren/Nicole Doors - Fiona/Callum Windows - Jenny/Vicky Panelling - Dan Drawing Room Whatnot - buying this Sofa - Rhyan/Vicky Table - Abbie/Nicola Pouffe - Abbie/Steph Comfy Chair - Steph/Heather Cabinet - Nuria/Dan Chimney - Callum/Fiona Rug - Buying or borrowing this

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  1. Hi Sarah
    Don't forget to keep up with the film reviews - your review of Rear Window is good (and it's good to see reference to gaze theory), but be as 'academic' about the reviews as you can, i.e. use quotations and referencing. So...I look forward to the Machinist review soon..