Saturday, 9 April 2011

Construction of small props (embroidered picture)

One of the smaller props I wanted to construct for Ivans study is a picture depicting a quote from the novel. "Il faut que jeunesse se passe" is located in the second chapter of the book, translated from french to english it means Youth must have it's fling. I highlighted this in the book as a very important quote. It is Ivan's motto in life. It is very significant when deconstructed as the word fling means something that lasts a short period of time mirroring Ivan's own short life. Life for Ivan is mearly a fling, as his fling with youth ends his fling with death begins.

The picture would have the text embroidered with a traditional floral pattern surrounding it. Instead of taking a very long time embroidering from scratch I found an old embroidery in my attic around 50 years old so it had appropriate aging on the canvas. The photo above shows the embroidery with some various sized lace butterflies that I purchaced from a haberdashery they were originally cream but using a black fabric marker I coloured them black/dark grey (symbolising death through the black butterfly). The colours had faded a little from the original embroidered flowers and the colour shades were more pastel. I wanted the picture to be darker so used a fine line brown felt tip to add definition to the threads.

Buy typing out the phrase onto the computer in the Old Gothic typeface as printing it off I was able to arrange how the worrds would be on the canvas. Then using tracing paper the words were copied onto the canvas. Using a black fabric marker I drew onto the canvas to allow the black to show through under the stitching making the letters darker and clearer. Then using black embroidery silk I stitched over the letters to include them in the rest of the embroidery. The butterflies were stuck on the canvas with small dots of copydex fabric glue. The canvas was stretched over card and taped to the back. Black velvet ribbon purchased from C and H fabrics lined the card the picture sat on in the frame meaning it would them mount the sides.

The frame is a plain dark wood with a gold trim. This seems appropriate for the dark nature of the room it is placed within but until I show it to the rest of the group we will them decide whether it needs a more fancy gold baroque style frame. If this is so I can build ontop of this current frame with plaster or paper mache...

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