Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Next few days of construction

Some of the varoius activities that have been happening over the last two days of construction have been focused around completing the flats and beginning to think about paneling. The first ideas for paneling was to cut out plywood frames of 2 foot sqaure to apply to the wall ( the wall would be painted in faux mahogony up to 3ft off the floor meaning the frame would be centred into this to create the wood panels. In the photo to the left Dan and Fiona are using a router to create a template frame from leftover pices of the pine lengths. It was understood later that plywood is not easy to route as the various directions of grain means the wood fractures and tears so experiments are begining into using the larger router in the workshop on the cut offs of pine length in order to create our own mouldings/edges.

Another job for the router was to start leveling off the edges of the flats making sure the frames beneath are flush to the ply skin. When using the router it was important to wear a mask and goggles and a secondary person holding a vacumn cleaner as a form of extraction for the dust and plywood fragments.

Once the router work on the flats is completed then the lower 3 ft could be painted with the mahogony work. It was questioned whether the flats should have been artexed prior to painting to hide the under woodgrain of the plywood but because we are using it for wood panelling it seemed we got away with not artexing the surface.

Other members of the group began focusing on various pieces of furniture such as Nicki who repainted her desk chair and is now ready to star uphoulstering it. Callum began to make the large corner heater by fixing two large sheets of 5mm MDF together at a 90 degree corner bracket.

Rhyan and I began to renovate our whatnot....

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