Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fabric for the inlays of the screen

The design of my screen includes the inlay of crimson velvet. As the room that the screen is in is goingto have a green colour range on the walls and furniture, crimson would not necessarily be best as this would contrast with the green and appear festive. So instead a darker shade of red possibly bergandy would be more appropriate. I have viewed many different types of velvet and faux velvet but in C and H fabrics today I found a beautiful dark crimson/burgandy velvet stretchy fabric, it has a subtle floral pattern blended into it that from a distance makes the fabric look aged and delicate but up close the floral pattern appears and so blends the fabric in with the traditional baroque richness, extravigent design. The price of the fabric was originally £9.99 a metre but the price was cut by 50% which made the purchase even better as part of our small budget. The photos below were taken with a flash so dont show the true colour.

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