Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Some Props I Borrowed or Purchased

When searching through some charity shops I found some pieces that would be appropriate for display on the completed whatnot including cut glass whisky decanter (£6.00), a small silver tray (£1.00) the tumblers are just to show size Rhyan will be locating some tumblers. The small cut glass bowl was £2.99, all have been cleaned and polished ready to use on the set.

I borrowed a small brass inkwell and a very old leather blotting pad for the writing desk from my Grandmother. The ink well has an eastern theme with the intricate patterns and designs which fits with the fashions of the time.

I also purchased a table runner (£3.50). Though it may be too long for the drawing room table it could be used as extra detail pleats in the drapery (with the tassels) or even just appropriate fabric for cushions etc.

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