Monday, 16 May 2011

16th May continuing the chaise

Today we continued with our seperately allocated items. The day was very productive with everyone focusing on their own work but helping out with others if they needed help. Nicky and I began to apply the braid onto the chaise. Out of the selection Nicky brought back with her we chose to use two different ones, a plain blue 3/4 inch braid for around the top half of the piece but also a green braid that had tassels this was a detail that suited framing the bottom of the chaise. Unfortunatly as these particular braids did not have the usual flap to hide the pins we had to attach this on with a hot glue gun instead of using upholstery pins. The pictures below show how the braid was attached after the trimming of the excess fabric, and its purpose in hiding the old wood and the staples.
Other activities that went on today included... Nicky and Callum fitting the second door onto its hinges, Fiona finished painting and glazing the tiles. Jenny and Rhyan completed the stenciling of the wallpaper, Steph and Kirby continued to plan how to baroque the comfy chair. Fiona brought in a vast selection of old picture frames and mirrors that already were of the baroque fashion but either needed repainting or fixing, Abby and Nicky proceeded to do this while Nicci used the gold paint to pick out delicate features of her table legs. Dan, Chloe and Nuria began work on the writing desk starting with the four legs, they skillfully carved the pine legs using a lathe. Lauren worked on painting her small table.

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