Saturday, 14 May 2011

4th May continuing with the chaise

The next steps for chaise was to create the rounded head rest end. We initially used just foam wrapped over but there was no structure to the middle so the foam sunk in the middle. Wadding was our solution to this, bulking out the foam and making the whole structure much firmer, then the foam was tucked underneath the other already made cushion.
The fabric was then applied over the foam in the same way as before with a stapel gun. tucked down the front between the two cushions and then stapelled to the old wood that went up and round the detailed columns and down across the beam at the back. Again we tried to create some creases as the head rest would be worn and stretched where Ivan is lying heavily on it.

The last section of padding to be added was the long tube for the arm rest at the back. I created a tube of wadding by wrapping string round it binding it together. We stapelled a length of the fabric along alternating sides but made sure to make the thickness of the wading uneven. This was all according to where Ivans arm would have pushed down on it over a few years or where his head may have rested. To be certain where the human body naturally lies on this piece Nicky positioned herself on the chaise in a comfortable position. I then drew round her form with a fabric chalk this showed us where we could sand and distress the fabric later on. This is where construction stopped for a few days until Nicky located some thick enough braid to finish off the edges neatly then cut the fabric.

Other members of the team were starting to apply the wallpaper. Instead of purchasing many rolls of already designed wall paper (which was very expensive) Rhyan and Jenny purchased lining paper and paste for around £40, this meant we could paint the paper any colour we wished and then stencil the appropriate baroque design on top.Dan and Cloe were continuing to apply the braces of 90 degree panels to the backs of the flats. This enhanced the strength and stability of the walls also making then stand straighter.

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