Saturday, 21 May 2011

Death Corner

Rob and I late on Friday began working on the decay of the 'Death Corner'. Using the screen we were able to mark roughly with a chalk how far we wanted the stain to come out on the wall not taking up too much of the brilliantly stenciled paper. Beginning with a layer of charcoal grey and burnt umber applied really thickly with a sponge to add texture saw dust and chippings were also added to create bulk and texture to mimic damp and mould. Some of the finer dust was lightly padded down to keep the colour alluding to mould spores. To blend out the sides a lot of water was randomy chucked at the wall using our hands and sponges to take away paint leaving lovely effects of negative drips and running water down the walls and the panelling. By vigorously rubbing the wall in places with a sponge I was able to take away some of the paint revealing the wall paper pattern beneath but some of the black paint had stuck to the paper leaving a blotchey mark that was very effective. Once the screen was in place the wall seemed more alive. Next week we will try adding some patches of french polish and water like we did on the actual screen.

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