Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday 13th May

Today was a mixture of getting many little jobs done before the weekend. Rob and I purchased some styrofoam blocks, 2x (300mmx600mm) at 50mm thick for £8. These would be used to create the legs of our screen. By tracing around the MDF legs Rob was able to use a band saw to cut out the shapes. At the bottom of the screen panels, lengths of pine were cut on the band saw and routed to curve them these added another 3d detail to the screen and gave us a thickness to shape the legs to. Using a scalpel, mouse sander and sand paper we were able to shape the four legs to fit the MDF ones. I used a scalpel to carve out the feet/toes and dew claw (mimicing a dog or lion foot that was popular in the baroque movement). Once they were sanded they were applied to the MDF with pva.

Fiona continued to paint her tiles, Chloe and Dan painted their book shelf and began on the doors for it. Nicky and Callum constructed two double skinned flats for the double doors into the drawing room. Abbie upholstered her pouffe and Rhyan Jenny and Vicky continued to stencil the drawing room and study. Their stencils were taken from designs that Rhyan found in a William Morris book, photocopied and traced using acetate then cut out with a scalpel and using sponges the paint was applied to the walls.

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