Wednesday, 4 May 2011

2nd May erecting the flats

In this first session back after Easter we had to consider building the rooms and screwing the flats together. The flats were leant up against the side of the room to gain an ida of scale. The study is a 8ft by 12ft room with a small alchove of 4ft. The drawing room is 16ft by 16ft square with two windows and a doube door way.
Henry Jones demonstrated to us how to join two flats together, always starting with a corner with two people holding the flats firmly together and another with a spirit level making sure the various points up the flats at 2ft ft 6ft and 8ft are flush together as another person drills a screw into the frames at each of these points. Where there are windows and doors the headers and footers needed to be applied in the same way. The 3ft squares form the bottom of the windows joining the two walls together.

Other members of the group whilst we were erecting the rooms were starting to make the braces that hold the flats up from the back (strengthening the overall structure.) Certain problems that occured were that the bowed wood of the frames did not sit flat on the floor and they began to levitate in the middle of long wall panels. To over come this we were are going to try taking the wall apart and biuld from both the corners joing in the middle, this will hopefully avoid the levitation. One flat though attached flush to the ground seemed to appear taller than its partner wall there is no way of changing this apart from making a new flat.

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