Saturday, 21 May 2011

End of the week (developments with room and furniture)

Whilst I was completing the screen many other pieces were also being completed. Fiona had finished glazing all the tiles so she and Nicky layed them all out on the floor to get the order of the designs correct, then using 'no more nails' Fiona applied each tile to the MDF heater that Callum had constructed. Kirby, Heather and Steph had stripped back the upholstery of the comfy chair then reupholstered it using some red and gold baroque fabric that Nicky supplied. Kirby then finished it off by picking out details on the dark wood with gold paint, just as Nicci had done with the table.
Fiona also was continuing with the decorating of the doors. Callum wood stained with a dark oak varnish the outer skin of the door. Fiona used small strips of routed wood painted gold and lengths of fabric from a table runner I bought. She stuck the fabric to the doors in panels using spray mount adhesive then using a hot glue gun stuck the gold wood to frame it off. Callum then fixed on the door handle and mounted the doors. The doors were too tight to close properly at the top so he sanded down the edges to make this an easier fit. Dan Chloe and Nuria have been undertaking the cabinet for the drawing room and the writing desk. The cabinet so far has been designed and made around recycling the curved wooden door from our Whatnot. The legs that they turned the other day have now been painted with the stain varnish.

The Love seat for the drawing room has now been upholstered. Rhyan created the basic wooden frame at home using hardboard to bend round and form the curved shape of the seat. It has to be able to take the weight of two people. Using a staplegun and foam provided by Vicky. The foam was wrapped around the curve and then on the seat, an extra seat cusion was applied too, after the fabric was laid over. Gold braid was applied to finish off the edges.

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