Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Final Photo shoot and filming

Today was the final day when all the necessary photographs were taken. Two members of the photography department came down to show us about appropriate lighting techniques for filming our sets. First thing in the morning we now had the rugs from Rhyan which were positioned in each room, then all the trinkets, books and nick knacks were assembled, some had to be borrowed from the other group just to fill out the gaps in cabinets. Fiona brought in a huge bunch of fake plants and flowers which we distributed about the room arranged in various vases, these added colour and life to the drawing room a definate contrast to the study filled with skulls, mould and darkness.
Discussions took place and the group decided to take up the black fabric put over the windows to block out the light and workshop, we were to use the lines of the window with the softer lighting to illude to sunlight shining through. The drawing room had to be the warmer of the two rooms possibly eventually we used orange gels pegged to the two lights at the windows to achieve this. One smaller lipstick light was clamped to the beam on the ceiling with a sheet of fibreglass tissue / matting layered over to soften the intense light, it was held above the centre of the room to portray the light from an unseen chandelier. The effects of the lighting had to always be checked by how the frame looks through a camera (as it is different to the eye) adjusting the cameras iris settings. Other techniques we tried to stop the light being too direct was to bounce the light off a piece of white foam board, softening the light making it more natural.
The photos below are some of mine and other members of the group's photos from the shoot displaying the window lighting techniques casting shadows on the love seat. I do not yet have copies of the film footage from today but will hopefully upload copies soon.

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